West Bengal

College & University Part-time Lecturer- Order of W.B Govt.

MEMO NO‐  ED‐ 341/2012 Dated‐04.07.2012
Reg‐ Submission of claims of the existing Part‐time  teachers(PTTS) and Contractual Whole time
teachers(CWTTs) for the period from 01.01.2012 to 30.06.2012

All Principals and TIC s  of the Govt‐aided colleges in West Bengal are requested to submit claim proposal with regard to payment of remuneration to Part‐time teachers and Contractual Whole time teachers in separate proposal, for the above‐mentioned period with the following documents to the Receiving section of the  Education  Directorate within 10.08.2012 positively.

Recommended :
WB PTT/CWTT Monthly Remuneration Enhancement Related News October 2014

Documents required (to be submitted separately for PTTs & CWTTs)
1. Duly‐filled in format I for PTT and Format II for CWTT [for claim submission in Excel worksheet]
2.10‐Point Certificate,
3. Non‐ Drawal Certificate,
4. Attested Copy of Original Approval Order, with Annexure, appended to the said Approval order showing the names of
PTTs  or CWTTs in detail,
5.Audit report/ Disbursement Certificates signed by the Principal/TIC, Bursar and accountant with a photo‐copy of the acquittance roll of the previous grants received (Oct2010‐March2011 and April2011‐December2011 in case of PTTs & April2011‐December2011 in case of CWTTs),
7. Copy of G.B resolution accepting resignation of PTTs or CWTTs, if any, as mentioned in column ‘M’  for PTT in Format I and
column ‘C’ for CWTT in Format II ,
8. A declaration by Principal/TIC stating slab change of PTTs, if any, (to be calculated from the date of joining as per Ist
Approval Memo) mentioning date of effect. (Not Applicable for Contractual whole‐time teachers)
9. Format III (enclosed), to be filled up and submitted in Excel worksheet for taking necessary action by Directorate.                                         
        ENCLOSURE : FORMAT I , II ,III                                                                                   Sd/‐ 
                                                                                    Director of Public Instruction, West Bengal
& Ex‐Officio Secretary, Dept. of Higher Education   
Government of West Bengal, Bikash Bhavan, Kolkata‐91       

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