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Bitcoin Price Steady Downfall Under US Scanner

Is Bitcoin Price Controlling Someone Else ?

US Agency investigate whether Bitcoin and other Crypto-currency Prices regulated by some Crypto Brokers ? The US Justice Department has opened a criminal test into whether brokers are controlling the cost of Bitcoin and other computerized monetary standards, drastically tightening up the US examination of super hot markets that pundits say are overflowing with offense, as per four individuals acquainted with the issue. (more…)

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Bitcoin Trading Strategy on 8th March 2018

Bitcoin Trading Below $10000

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin trading analysis for today’s trade (8th March 2018 Thursday) . As you already seen on yesterday’s US session trading time that Bitcoin drop well below $10k . Actually the world largest crypto bitcoin trading in a bigger range between $9300 to $12000 from last few sesseion .


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