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Forex News

Indians raise voice against heavy taxation on Crypto assets

Reduce Crypto Tax trending after Indian Digital assets taxation policy

#ReduceCryptoTax trends on Twitter

Indian Government has proposed that the transfer of digital/cryptocurrency assets will be taxed at 30% with an extra TDS charge. Many Crypto investors, entrepreneurs, and traders cheered as India’s Financial Budget 2022 finally solved the uncertainty and concerns on the legal status of digital currency trading in India.


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Bitcoin Price Steady Downfall Under US Scanner

Is Bitcoin Price Controlling Someone Else ?

US Agency investigate whether Bitcoin and other Crypto-currency Prices regulated by some Crypto Brokers ? The US Justice Department has opened a criminal test into whether brokers are controlling the cost of Bitcoin and other computerized monetary standards, drastically tightening up the US examination of super hot markets that pundits say are overflowing with offense, as per four individuals acquainted with the issue. (more…)

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Bitcoin Trading Strategy on 6th February 2018


BTC Trading Analysis Today

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Teading Strategy for Tuesday trade. Early US morning trading boost BTC to carry up $7000 again  from the lowest point $6200. So what your Bitcoin Trading strategy today ? The Fundamental of Bitcoin still under bearish eye. The early US morning climb will remove soon . Profit correction possible again. (more…)

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Bitcoin Trading Strategy for 5th February 2018


Bitcoin Trading Analysis

Bitcoin Trading Strategy today and this week. How to trade Cryptocurrency Bitcoin today ? Check latest Bitcoin News and trade with fundamental. In three of the biggest US managing an account gatherings, clients won’t have the capacity to pay for Mastercards with Bitcoin. This restriction applies to JPMorgan Chase, the Bank of America and Citigroup. (more…)

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