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Former TMC Minister Humayun Kabir Joins BJP

Humayun Kabir Joins Saffron Party 

A Former Minister (Former MLA of Rejinagar Assembly Constituency)  in the Trinamool Congress government (TMC) in West Bengal joined the Saffron Party BJP today in Delhi Party Office , boosting the saffron gathering’s looming development drive to reinforce its situation in the state in front of the 2019 Lok Sabha General Poll. Humayun Kabir Joins BJP a day before BJP President Amit Shah’s Rally in the State to expansion drive.


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Ellicott City Flood Live Update : Emergency Situation


Ellicott City Flood Live Streaming

A Maryland city was crushed late Sunday evening after 6-crawls of substantial rain caused a downtown glimmer surge. Real harm is accounted for and numerous autos have been cleared away. Scenes of devastating damage and feelings of aching familiarity overwhelmed residents of a small Maryland town Sunday as flash floods ripped through the area, topping similar havoc wreaked on Ellicott City in 2016. (more…)

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Photographer Ankit Saxena Brutally Killed by a Muslim Family

Brutal Honour Killing

Is it Intolerance ? Fake Secularism under scanner . What is Love Jihad ? Is Love Jihad & Honour Killing meaningfully differs ? When a Hindu family member(s) kill other religion person due to Sustain their family respect and dignity (did earlier by Sambhunath in Rajasthan); some fake secular and intellectuals gang Voice hardly “India no more secure for living” . (more…)

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