#VoteforOPS trends on Twitter to restore Old Pension in place of NPS

Restore OPS demand is vital ahead UP Election

All Teachers’ Employees Welfare Association (ATEWA) and National Movement for Old Pension Scheme (NMOPS) on Sunday made the hashtag ‘Vote for OPS’ on top Twitter trend in India. The #VoteforOPS campaign was launched on Twitter by Vijay Kumar (National President of NMOPS) to restore Old Pension system for retired government employees.

The main demand of this Twitter campaign was to abolish ‘New Pension Scheme (NPS)’ and restore ‘Old Pension Scheme (OPS). Government employees across India are opposed NPS and made an appeal to Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Opposition leaders, Chief Ministers for restoration of ‘Old Pension Scheme’.

‘Assembly elections in five States is under way. Keeping this in mind, lakhs of pensiomless teachers, employees of the country including Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, Manipur and Punjab have demonstrated their unity through Social media campaign #VoteforOPS” Vijay Kumar Bandhu, the National President of NMOPS, said “All the employees are united on the issue of of restoration of Old Pension.”

“Ignoring the voice will cost all parties heavy” he added.

However, The National Pension System (NPS) was introduced by the Government of India to replace the defined benefit pension system. NPS was made mandatory for all new recruits to the Central Government Service from January 1, 2004 (except the armed forces in the first stage) and has also been rolled out for all citizens with effect from Mat 1, 2009.

According to the expert views, NPS has big liquidity issue. The market fluctuations can affect the returns/gains of NPS.

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