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Photographer Ankit Saxena Brutally Killed by a Muslim Family

Brutal Honour Killing

Is it Intolerance ? Fake Secularism under scanner . What is Love Jihad ? Is Love Jihad & Honour Killing meaningfully differs ? When a Hindu family member(s) kill other religion person due to Sustain their family respect and dignity (did earlier by Sambhunath in Rajasthan); some fake secular and intellectuals gang Voice hardly “India no more secure for living” .

Love or Religion ? Your Choice

No it is not real secularism. Killing of innocent person always a criminal offence and bad for society at all whether the killing occured by a Muslim family or by a Hindu Family. Real secular and intellectuals are those who respect all religions without any biasness or Political agenda . If you organize a Candle March For “Afrajul” or “Rijiyanur” or “Junaid” ; at the same time you hava a duty to organize same Candle March for ” Ankit Saxena” .

Acually Delhi (Dilwalo Ka Sahar) Faced a Brutal Murder on Thursday night of Young Photographer “Ankit Saxena” only because he love other religion lady .In an audacious episode of ‘Honour‘ killing , a 23-year-old man Ankit Saxena was killed before his folks purportedly by relatives of his better half in west Delhi on Friday. The man, recognized as Ankit Saxena was cut and had his throat opening utilizing a sharp weapon.

The occurrence occurred when Saxena, a Photographer taker by calling, was en route to meet his sweetheart. He was gotten by her family in Raghubir Nagar and a verbal spat took after. Saxena, was then kicked and punched by the young lady’s dad and uncle before the previous cut him and opening his throat. In an announcement to the police, the young lady said that she needed to wed Saxena.

I was sitting tight for him at the Tagore Garden Metro station. Somebody educated me that he had been wounded. My dad and uncle have done this,”

She has likewise communicated fears that her uncle’s partners may slaughter her after which she has been given security and sent to a safe house home.

The pair were seeing someone over two years. As per the reports, the young lady’s family had likewise cautioned him to end the relationship. Check Ankit’s Last Picture.

Police have captured the young lady’s dad, uncle and mother on charges of murder. A vast unforeseen of police was additionally sent at the region to keep any common conflict.

Lastly ; Murder is not the solution. Stop politics of relgion and murder. Respect Indian cultural heritage & Constitution . Our urge to all leading News Papers ; real intellectuals & Political parties .. please stop religion politics. The brutal murder of Ankit Saxena is not a Honour Killing . It’s our society’s black thinking . To be a real secular person ; we have to maintain some positive responsibilities . Lastly Stop Religion Politics.

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