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Google Doodle Honor Battery Inventor Italian Physicist Alessandro Volta by Lights Up Google Search Image

New Google Doodle to honor Alessandro Volta’s 270th Birthday
First Battery Inventor Alessandro Volta’s biography & best images

Hope you know that 18th February is mark as Birthday of Alessandro Volta who invented Chemical Battery first time. Google, the search engine giant celebrates the day with Lights up Google Doodle. Alessandro Volta born in Como, Italy, he gave his name to the electrical unit ‘Volt’ in 1881. In 1774, Volta became the professor of Physics at the Royal School of Como. Early 1799, Volta invented the electrophorus: a device used to generate static electric.

Volta with Napoleon (Credit to Getty image/Universal images groups):

Alessandro Volta :

Volta’s Voltaic Pile, an early electrical battery that produced a steady current, was developed in 1800 at the time when competing theories existed about how electricity was generated. The Voltaic Pile is became one of the first reliable sources of electricity.Volta was died on 5th March 1827. 


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