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Copenhagen (Denmark) Terrorist Attack Latest News & Pictures 14th February 2015

Charlie Hebdo Style Terrorist Attack in Copenhagen (Denmark) today
Famous Swedish Cartoonist Lars Vilks Controversial Mohammed Image 

Saturday morning Copenhagen terrorist shoot out remind us the pathetic Charlie Hebdo incident . Actually, The latest news update is a civilian has been killed and three police Officers have been injured after Gunmen Opened fire at a Freedom of Speech event at a cafe in the Danish Capital Copenhagen. The Shooters fired about ’30 shots ‘ at Freedom of Expression event (Copenhagen) ,which was attended by famous Swedish Cartoonist Lars Vilks who drew the Prophet Muhammad as a dog.

Copenhagen Terrorist Shoot Out latest Images & Video: (Getty Images)

Lars Vilks Image (Photo Credit to Wikimedia)

News Source: The Mirror UK, Images Sources : Getty images, Wikimedia. 


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