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Railway Recruitment Cell (RRC) Group D Examination Solved Model/Sample Questions for Online Practice 2013-2014

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Indian Railway Recruitment Cell (RRC/RRB) going to recruit thousands Group D (Grade Pay Rs.1800) Railway personnel by a Open Common competitive Written examination on 27/10/2013, 17/11/2013, 24/11/2013, 01/12/2013, and 08/12/2013 from all railway zones i.e RRC Central Railway-Mumbai, East Central-Hajipur, East Coast-Bhubaneswar, Eastern-Kolkata, North Central-Allahabad, North Eastern-Gorakhpur, North Western-Jaipur, North East Frontier-Guwahati, Northern-Delhi, South Central-Secunderabad, South Eastern-Kolkata, South Western-Hubli, Southern-Chennai, West Central-Jabalpur, Western-Mumbai . Here we upload some best quality Model/sample questions set, answer key, study material, previous year questions for better Online Examination preparation for better examination results.

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1. The Quit India Movement Started at 
a. Delhi on 15th,1942
b. Bombay on August,8, 1942
c. Lahore on 7th July, 1942
d. Kolkata on 7th August, 1942

2. The First Indian University opened in 1857 was in
a. Madras
b. Banaras
c. Aligarh
d. Calcutta

3. The famous G.T. Road was originally built by 
a. Sher shah
b. Akbar
c. Indian Government
d. Md. Bin Tughlak

4. The 1919 year is famous for which unfortunate event ?
a. First World War
b. Jalianwala Bagh massacre
c. Government of India Act
d. None of these

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5. The Indian President Sri. Pranab Mukherjee was elected from which parliamentary seat before taking the Presidential role ?
a. Berhampore
b. Murshidabad
c, Jangipur
d. Bolpur

6. The famous Arab Scholar Iban Batuta visited India during the region of ?
a. Akbar
b. Mohammad Bin Tughlak
c. Humayun
d. non of these

7. The First Battle of Panipath fought in ?
a. 1516 A.D
b. 1526 A.D
c. 1536. A.D
d. none of the above

8. Who initiated the greeting of ‘Jai Hind ‘ ?
a. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
b. Mahatma Gandhi
c. Subhash Chandra Bose
d. Jawaharlal Nehru

9. The first Governor General of India was appointed in ?
a. 1774
b. 1833
c. 1858
d. 1911

10. Which famous freedom fighter suffered fatal injuries during a demonstration against Simon Commission ?
a. Subhash Chandra Bose
b. Mahatma Gandhi
c. Lala Lajpath Roy
d. None of these

11. ‘Give me blood, I will give you freedom’- these word are attributed to ?
a. Khudiram Bose
b. Bhagat Singh
c. Veer Savarkar
d. Subhash Chandra Bose

12. Who was the co-poet of Harshavardhana ?
a. Banbhatta
b. Kautilya
c. Kalhan
d. none of the above

13. Who was the Congress President when India became free ?
a. Jawaharlal Nehru
b. Dr. Rajendra Prasad
c. J.B. Kripalani
d. Sardar Patel

14. Which Mughal emperor took the title ‘Alamgir’ ?
a. Akbar
b. Humayun
c. Aurangjeb
d. Babar

15. Which City of India host the Asia Pacific’s largest ‘Literary Festival’ ?
a. Delhi
b. Agra
c. Ahmedabad
d. Jaipur

16. Industrial Revolution took place in ?
a. England
b. America
c. Spain
d. France

17. As per the annual ranking published in March 2013 by Forbes Magazine , who is the richest Indian ?
a. Anil Ambani
b. Mukesh Ambani
c. Ratan Tata
d. None of the above

18. Hugo Chavez was the President of which country ?
a. China
b. Vietnam
c. Venezuela
d. Brazil

19. The term ‘Bull’ and ‘Bear’ generally used in ?
a. Stock & Forex Exchange
b. Employment Exchange
c. Government Offices
d. Hospital

20. Newton First law . is the law of ?
a. Density
b. Gravity
c. Force
d. all of the above

21. India’s Mission Mars (Mangalyaan) satellite launched from which Indian State ?
a. Odisha
b. Tamil Nadu
c. Kerala
d. Andhra Pradesh

22. Which country is separated from British India by the Durand Line ?
a. Bangladesh
b. Bhutan
c. Pakistan
d. Afghanistan

23. Mahatma Gandhi was born in ?
a. Sabarmati
b. Ahmedabad
c. Wardha
d. Porbander

24. The largest producer of saffron in India is ?
a. West Bengal
b. Jammu and Kashmir
c. Haryana
d. Punjab

25. Which among the following rivers joins the Ganga from South ?
a. Gandak
b. Yamuna
c. Gomti
d. Ghagra

26. Which Indian State has the highest population ?
a. Rajasthan
b. karnataka
c. Uttar Pradesh
d. Bihar

27. Where is the famous Pinjore Garden situated ?
a. Chndigarh
b. Karnataka
c. Kerala
d. Himachal Pradesh

28. Which city is called as city of ‘Nawab’ ?
a. Mysore
b. Lucknow
c. Kolkata
d. Agra

29. Ratnagiri written by Kalhan is a famous ?
a. History of Kashmir
b. History of Delhi
c. History of Agra
d. none of the above

30. DNA stands for ?
a. Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid
b. Di Nuclear Acid
c. Domestic Naval Agency
d. None of the above

31. Buddha died during the region of ?
a. Udayi
b. Bimbisara
c. Ajatashatru
d. none of these

32. Lord Buddha was born in ?
a. Lumbini
b. Vaishali
c. Bodh Gaya
d. Pataliputra

33. Who won the Champions Trophy 2013 ?
a. Australia
b. West Indies
c. Pakistan
d. India

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34. ‘Cue ball, break shot, Pool Table’ the terms associated with which game ?

a. Table Tennis
b. Long Tennis
c. Billiards
d. Badminton

35. India’s first woman Governor Sarojini Naidu was the governor of which state ?
a. Assam
b. Uttar Pradesh
c. Madhya Pradesh
d. Himachal Pradesh

36. Who is the Chairman of Rajya-sabha (Council of States)
a. The President
b. Speaker
c. The Vice-President
d. Chief Justice of Supreme Court

37. Which Express train runs on the longest train route in India ?
a. Yuba Express
b. Vivek Express
c. Gitanjali Express
d. None of the above

38. Which of the following award is given for out-standing achievements in sports ?
a. Arjun Award
b. Dada Saheb Phalke Award
c. Bharat Ratna
d. none of the above

39. Which of the following city is known as the ‘Mecca of Indian Football’
a. Goa
b. Kochi
c. Kolkata
d. Gangtok

40. Tides are primary a result of the following incident ?
a. Attraction of the Sun
b. Attraction of the Moon
c. none of the above

41. India conducted its first under ground nuclear test in ?
a. Rajasthan
b. Gujarat
c. Arunachal Pradesh
d. Kerala

42. Which of the following was the first Indian Geostationary satellite ?
a. Rohini
b. Aryabhatta

43. The first submarine built by India is ?
a. INS Shalki
b. INS Ganga
c. INS Godavari
d. INS Himgiri

44. Which one of the following city is also known as ‘Manchester of India’ ?
a. Ahmedabad
b. Chennai
c. Coimbatore
d. Mumbai

45. ‘Sriharikota’ is situated in which Indian State ?
a. Tamil Nadu
b. Andhra Pradesh
c. Odisha
d. Karnataka

46. Which of the following term associated with Cricket ?
a. Penalty
b. Googly
c. Muzzle
d. Bully

47. The Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar going to play his 200th International Test Cricket match in which city ?
a. Mumbai
b. Ahmedabad
c. Kolkata
d. Bangalore

48. India’s first long range missile is ?
a. Nag
b. Trishul
c. Prithvi
d. Agni

49. Simlipal Tiger Sanctuary is in which of the following State ?
a. West Bengal
b. Odisha
c. Andhra Pradesh
d. Assam

50. ‘Operation Rhino’ is directed against ?
a. PWG

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Answer Key :-
1. b  2.d  3.a  4. b  5. c  6. b  7. b  8. c 9. a 10 . c 11 .d 12. a 13.c 14. c 15. d  16. a  17. b 18. c 19. a 20. c 21. d 22. d 23. d 24. b 25.c 26.  c 27. a 28. b 29. a 30. a 31. c 32. a 33. d  34. c 35.b 36.  c 37. b 38. a 39. c 40. b 41. a  42. c  43. a  44. d  45. a 46. b 47.a  48. d 49. b 50. d


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