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RRBs/RRCs Recruitment Written Examination Previous Years Solved Sample/Model Question Papers for Better Online Exam Preparation Part-VI

Railway Jobs in India 2013-2014
Written Examination Online Practice Sets & Answer Key Part-VI

Railway Recruitment Board (RRBs) and Railway Recruitment Cell (RRCs) going to recruits thousand Railway Personnels in 2013-2014 through Written Examination (Two stage-preliminary and common main) in various Railway zones. Candidates from all over India can apply for various Technical , Non Technical (NTPC) and Group D Posts (like Commercial clerk, Ticket Collector/Examiner, Trains clerk, typist, traffic apprentice, goods guards, Assistant Station Master, Loco Pilot, Driver, Helper, Porter, khalasi, pointsman, gate man, track man etc) . We continuesly trying our best to provide all railway Jobs related Examination Syllabus, Admit Card down load links, answer key, previous our model/sample question papers, Online Mock Test, Free Books and many more. Candidates are requested to answer all our model question sets to get better preparation and better examination result in all upcoming Competitive Written Examination 2013-2014

Here we upload new set of questions (Part-VI) containing questions from  General Awareness (current affairs, who is who, books and author, awards -honour , sports updates etc), General Arithmetic,  Jobs specific Technical questions, Reasoning metal ability and mental aptitude, General Intelligence and IQ test.  All questions are multiple choice (MCQ) types with 4-5 alternatives. Try to solve all question by own with proper time management. Answers are given below of the post. Remember, all competitive Exam generally has Negative marking. So, carefully answer all questions. This question are useful for all types of Competitive Examinations like Railways, Banks, Teachings, UGC-NET, UPSC, PSC, Staff Selection Commissions, clerical grade examinations, Lower division clerks examination etc.

Continuation From Part-V :-

Mathematical Ability Test :-
Simple Interest Calculation :-
1. How much should a person lend at simple rate of interest 15% in order to have Rs. 784 at the end of 1 Year 6 months (1 and half years) ?
a. Rs.640
b. Rs. 620
c. Rs.610
d. Rs.680

Railway Group D (Grade Pay Rs.1800) Jobs Model Question

2. Manjit borrows Rs.300 at 5% and Rs.450 at 6% at the same time and on the conditions that the whole loan will be repaid when the total interest amounts Rs. 126. The loan will have to be repaid after how many years  ?
a. 2           b. 3             c. 4            d. 5

Partnership :
3. Arup and Govinda entered into a partnership investing Rs. 12,000 and Rs. 9000 respectively. After 3 months, Prakash joined them with an investment of Rs. 15,000 . What is the share of Prakash in a half yearly profit of Rs. 9500 ?
a. Rs. 3500

b. Rs. 3000
c. Rs. 2500
d. Rs. 4000

4. Three partners A, B , C invest Rs. 36,000, Rs.45,000 and Rs. 54,000 respectively in a business. Out of total profit of Rs. 37,500, C’s share is ?
a. Rs. 12500

b. Rs. 15000
c. Rs. 10000
d. Rs. 15,500

Ratio and Proportion :-
5. The ratio of the ages of father and son is 7: 3, if the sum of their ages is 60 years , what is the differences in their ages ?
a. 42 Years

b. 24 Years
c. 18 Years
d. 40 Years

6. If 3 numbers in the ratio 3:2:5 be such that the sum of their squares is 1862, the middle number will be ?
a 7            b. 14                 c. 21            d. 35

Profit and Loss Practice Exercises :-
7. Riya bought an article and sold it at a loss of 10% . If she had bought it for 20% less and sold it for Rs. 55 more, she would have had a profit of 40%. The C.P of the article is ?
a. Rs. 200

b. Rs. 225
c. Rs. 250
d. none of these

8. What price should a shopkeeper mark on an article , costing him Rs. 153 to gain 20% after allowing a discount of 15% .
a. Rs. 224

b. Rs. 216
c. Rs. 184
d. Rs. 162

Technical Ability Test (RRB/RRC Jobs related ) :

9. When was the first train in India started ?
a. 1852

b. 1854
c. 1855
d. 1853

10. When was the first Under Ground Metro Railway Started in India ?
a. 1985

b. 1984
c. 1986
d. 1983

11. Which is the Largest Railway Zone in India ?
a. Eastern 

b. Central
c. Northern
d. Southern

12. The extreme South Railway Station in India is ?
a. Trivandrum

b. Kanyakumari
c. Chennai
d. Madurai

13. Railway Staff College (RSC) is situated at 
a. Kolkata

b. Bangalore
c. Delhi
d. Vadodara

14. A station where a rail line end, is called ?
a. Way Side Station

b. Junction Station
c. Terminal Station
d. Block Station

15. How much distance was traveled the first Indian Train ?
a.  33 KM         b. 34 KM           c. 35 KM          d. Non of these

 16. What is the position of Indian Railway according to its length of Rail lines 
a. First     b. Second          c. Third         d. Fourth

17. Who invented Railway Engine ?
a. Charles Babbage 

b. James Watt
c. George Stephension
d. Dwit Waldo

18 . The Railway Zone in India with the minimum length is –
a. South Eastern Railway
b. North Eastern Railway
c. North Eastern Frontier Railway
d. South Central Railway

 19. The Passenger Coach of the Indian Railways are manufactured at which of the following place ?
a. Kapurthala      b. Chhitaranjan         c. Kanchrapara               d. Perambur 

20. Besides Maharashtra , Goa and Kerala which of the following is the fourth state of Konkan Railways ?
a. Gujarat 

b. Rajasthan
c. Karnataka
d. Madhya Pradesh

21. Where is the Wheel and axle plant of Indian Railways situated  ?

a. Chhitaranjan 

b. Kapurthala
c. Varanasi
d. Bangalore

22. Which of the gauges is used in the Hilly areas ?
a. Narrow Gauge

b. Meter Gauge
c. Special Gauge
d. None of these

23. When was the North Eastern Frontier Railway (NEFR) established ?
a. 15th January, 1959

b. 15th January , 1958
c. 15th January , 1955
d. 15th January, 1952

General Knowledge and Current Affairs Questions Set :-

24. The age of retirement of the judges of the Indian High Court ?
a. 60 Years   b. 65 Years        c. 62 Years           d. 58 Years 

25. For the enforcement of Fundamental Rights, the Indian Supreme Court may issue a/an –
a. Notification     b. Writ        c. Ordinance         d. Decree    

26. Who acts President of India when neither the President nor the Vice President is available ?
a. Chief Justice of India 

b. Prime Minister
c. Speaker of Lok-Sabha
d. Cabinet

27.  When a state Governor dies or resigns , who normally exercise his functions till a new governor is appointed ?
a Chief Minister
b. Chief Justice of the High Court
c. Advocate General of The Court
d.  The President

28.  The First Electric Railway was opened in ?

a. 1853         b . 1925                c. 1915                 d. 1895

29. Who is the author of the book ‘ We Indians’ ?
a.  Subramanya Swamy
b. Mulk Raj Anand
c. Khushwant Singh
d. Nirad. C. Chowdhury

30 . Who Wrote ‘ War and Peace ‘ ?
a. Mahatma Gandhi’
b. Leo Tolstoy
c. Rudyard Kipling
d. Charles Dickens

31.  Aurobindo was the author of –
a. Discovery of India
b. Hindu View of Life
c. Yogashastra
d. Savitri

32. Who has written the book ‘My Frozen Turbulence in Kashmir ‘ ?
a. M. J. Akbar

b. Jagmohan
c. Anees Jung
d. Nissim Ezekiel

33. The Novel ‘Post Office’ was Written by ?
a. Rabindra Nath Tagore

b. K.M . Munshi
c. Neeraj
d. R.D. Dinkar

34. ‘Vijay Stambha’ is situated in –
a. Delhi              b. Chittor           c. Agra                 d. Jaipur

35. Tinanmen Square is located in Which of the following Country ?
a. Japan

b. India
c. Korea
d. China

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Answer Key :-
1. a 2. b  3.  c  4. b 5. b  6. b  7. c 8. b  9. d  10. b  11. a  12. b  13. d  14. c  15.b  16. d  17. c  18. c  19. d   20. c  21.d  22. a  23. b  24. c  25. b   26. a  27. b  28. b      29. c  30. b  31. d  32. b  33. a  34. b  35. d


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