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Railway Recruitment Examination (RRBs) Previous Year Solved Model/Sample Question Paper For Online Practice Part-V

RRBs Examination Online Preparation Part-V
Railway Jobs Written Examination Practice Set  2013-2014

Railway Recruitment Board (RRBs- Ajmer, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar, Bhopal, Bilaspur , Chandigarh, Jumma Srinagar , Chennai, Gorakhpur, Guwahati, Kolkata, Malda, Siliguri, Mumbai, Bangalore, Patna, Ranchi, Secunderabad, Thiruvananthapuram) and Railway Recruitment Cells (RRC) going to recruit thousand Indian Nationals in various Technical and non technical Posts (Commercial Clerk, Ticket collector/Examiner, Assistant Station Master, Goods Guards, Trains Clerks, Account cum Typist, Loco Pilot, etc) on 2013-2014. To get railway jobs candidates should prepare them selves in proper way. There has mainly two stage Written Examination (Preliminary and Main) for Railway Jobs Examination. Here we upload Railway Recruitment Examination Syllabus, Model/Sample Solved Question Papers, Previous Years Competitive Examination Question Sets.
Candidates of other examination like UGC NET, Banking Jobs, UPSC/SSC/PSC Examination, West Bengal Staff Selection Commission Lower Division Clerk (LDC/LDA) Examination, can also practice this online Question Set. Below we upload Some Previous Years Sample Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for Better Exam Preparation. Try to solve all questions with proper time calculation.
1. The term L.B.W is associated with which following Sports ?
a. Cricket
b. Football
c. Hockey
d. Kabaddi
2. Wankhede Stadium is situated in ?
a. Chennai
b. Kolkata
c. Chandigarh
d. Mumbai
3. The Olympics Games normally held at an interval of –
a. 3 Years
b. 4 Years
c.2 Years
d. 5 Years
4. Jaspal Rana is name associated with which games ?
a. Tennis
b. Badminton
c. Archerry
d. Shooting
5. Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports is located at
a. Delhi
b. Kolkata
c. Jhansi
d. Patiala
6. With Which Game is the Agha Khan Cup Associated ?
a. Football
b. Basket Ball
c. Hockey
d. Table Tennis
7. Who Summons the Joint Session of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha ?
a. Speaker
b. Vice President
c. Prime Minister
d. President
8. Who appoints Chief Election Commission of India ?
a. President
b. Prime Minster
c. Chief Justice of Supreme Court
d. Vice President
9. The General Financial Budget is presented in Indian Parliament normally in the month of –
a. March
b. February
c. April
d. June
10. The Abbreviation PSLV stands for –
a. Polar Survey Landing Vehicle
b. Polarised  Source Laser Viewing
c. Precises Source Locating Vision
d. Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
11. The term epicentric is associated with —–
a. Tornadoes
b. Cyclones
c. Earth’s Interior
d. Earthquakes
12. The removal of Top Soil by Water or Wind , is called ?
a. Soil Wash
b. Soil Erosion
c. Soil Creep
d. Silting of Soil
13. Bandipur Sanctuary is Located in the State of –
a. Karnataka
b. Kerala
c. Assam
d. Tamil Nadu
14. The Red Fort of Delhi was Built by >
a. Akbar
b. Jahangir
c. Shahjehan
d. Sher Shah
15. The Ancient name of the City of Patna is ?
a. Pataliputra
b. Kanauj
c. Kausambi
d. Kapilavastu
16. The General who gave the firing order at Jallianwala Bag was –
a. Tegart
b. O. Dwyer
c. Cornwallis
d. Simpson
17. Gandhi Ji started Satyagraha in 1919 to Protest against the –
a. Rowlatt Act
b. Salt Act
c. Act of 1909
d. Jallianwala Bagh Messacre
18. Where did the Dance form “Mohini Attam” develop ?
a. Manipur
b. Kerala
c. Karnataka
d. Tamil Nadu
19. Which among the following abbreviation stands for organization related to Indian Defence Force ?
b. DOD

20. AIDS Stands for – 
a. Acquired Immune Disease Syndrome
b. Acquired Immunity Deficient Syndrome
c. Acquire Immune Deficiency
d. Acquired Infection Deficiency Syndrome
21. Which Amongst the following Train introduced by Indian Railway bringing Travel by AC Class within the reach of Common Man ?
a. Duronto Express
b. Garib Rath
c. Jan Shatabdi
d. Sampark Kranti Express
22. The Head Quarter of North Western Railway is at –
a. Abu Road
b. Ajmer
c. Jodhpur
d. Jaipur
23. The New Electric railway Engines are manufactured in –
a. Patiala
b. Chaittaranjan
c. Varanasi
d. Chennai
24. Which of the following is true in regard to Indian Railways ?
a. It’s the Cheapest means of Transportation
b. The Chief Source of Income of Transportation is Goods
c. It is the only largest employer
d. All of these
25. Arjuna Award is given for –
a. Bravery in the Battle Field
b. Excellence in Archerry
c. Excellence in Sports
d. Excellent Service during Emergency
26. Element that is not found in Blood ?
a. Iron
b. Copper
c. Chromium
d. Magnesium
27. Oxygen is transported to every cell of the human body by ?
a. Blood Platelets
b. Red Blood Cell
c. White Blood Cells
d. Hormones
28. The normal Temperature of Human Body is ?
a. 98 F
b. 90 F
c. 97.4 F
d. 98.4 F
29. What is Funny Bone ?
a. A Muscle
b. A Blood Vessel
c. A nerve
d. a bone
30. Which from the following river does not originate in Indian Territory 
a. Chenab
b. Ravi
c. Mahanadi
d. Brahmaputra
Analytical Reasoning : Direction Test 
31. Haqlal goes 30 metres North then turns right and walk 40 metres, thenagain turns right and walks 20 metres, then again turns right and walks 40 metres. How many metres is Haqlal from his original/starting position ?
a. 10    b. 40     c. 0     d. 20    e. none of these
32.  A man walks 30 k.m towards East, then turning to right he walks 30 k.m. then turning to his left he again walks 20 k.m. Again turning to his left he walks 30 k.m. How far is he from his Staring position ?
a.  50 km     b. 60 km       c.   70 km       d. 100 km
33. While Standing on his head, Rita’s face is towards South. In which direction will her right hand point >
a. North East
b. North
c. East
d. South East
34. Pampa walked towards a temple which is infront of her to the north. When the temple was 90 metres away from her, she turned to the left and collected a massage from Arup’s house, which was 50 metres away in that direction and walked towards the West for 100 metres and turned to her right and walked 90 metres. How many metres was she from the temple ?
a.  0
b. 90
c. 50
Verbal Classification (ODD One Out )
35. a. Teacher
b. Tutor
c. Professor
d. Student
36.  a. College and Principal
b. Playground and Player
c. Navy and Commander
d. Post office and Post Master
37. a. DCBA
Mathematical Ability Test :
Time And Distance Test :

38. A girl goes to school from his village at 3 kmph and returns back at 2 kmph. if she takes 5 hours in all, the distance between the village and the school is –
a. 6 km
b. 7 km
c. 8 km
d. 10 km
39. A van can finish a certain journey in 10 hrs at a speed of 48 kmph. In order to cover the same distance in 8 hrs, the speed of the van must be increased by ?
a. 6 km/hr
b. 7.5 km/hr
c. 12 km/hr
d. 15 km/hr
40. A train ‘A’ leaves meerut at 5 a.m and reaches Delhi at 9 a.m . Another train ‘S’ leaves Delhi at 7 a.m and reaches Meerut at 10:30 a.m. at what time do the two trains cross one another ?
a. 8.26 a.m
b. 8 a.m
c. 7.36 a.m
d.  7.56 a.m
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 Answer Key :-
1.  a  2. d  3. b  4. d  5. d  6. c  7. c  8. a 9. b  10. d  11. d  12. b  13. a  14. c  15. a  16.b  17. a 18. b  19. d  20. c 21. b 22. d  23. a  24. d  25.b 26. c 27. b 28. d  29. c 30. d  31. a  32. a  33. c  34. d  35. d 36. b.  37.b 38. a 39. c  40.d  


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