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Railway Recruitment Cell (RRC) Group D (Grade Pay Rs.1800) Written Examination Previous Years Solved Model/Sample Questions 2

Indian Railway Group D Jobs Model Questions Set-2
Railway Jobs Online Exam Practice Set for Better Preparation

Railway Recruitment Cell (RRC), Various Railway Zones all over India, recruits thousand Group D (Grade Pay Rs.1800) Railway Personnel through Competitive Multiple Choice (MCQ) written Examination. Most Railway Jobs aspirants always failure to get success in such railway recruitment examination due to lack of proper examination preparation . always trying its best to supply best exam materials to such candidates/aspirants,  with the better quality model question sets, previous years solved sample questions, recruitment process structure, syllabus, written exam admit card/call letters, answer key, result in real time. 

Railway Group D Jobs Selection Method 

We upload model/sample question sets on regular basis for all types competitive examination. Here we upload Railway Recruitment Cell (RRC) Group D jobs examination practice question sets. Candidates and viewers are advice to solve all below given questions with proper time calculation. Don’t Forget to like our FACEBOOK PAGE to get all latest Jobs information in real time. We wish all the best for all upcoming Railway and other examinations. Have a great and beautiful day !

Model/Sample Question Set II 

1. Fort William in Kolkata was constructed by the ?
a. The French
b. The Brithish
c. The  Portuguese
d. Indian Government

2. World most Valuable Printing ‘Mona Lisa’ printed by ?
a. M. F. Hussain
b. Leonardo de Vinci
c. Thomas more
d. Non of the above

3. Who’s region is considered as ‘Golden Age of Mughal Architecture” ?
a. Akbar
b. Shah Jahan
c. Babar
d. Jahangir

RRB/RRC Previous Years Model Question Sets for Practice

4. Who told the great Slogan ‘Do or Die’ ?
a. Mahatma Gandhi
b. Bhagat Singh
c. Subhas Chabdra Bose
d. None of the above

5. The Partition of Bengal took Place in the Year ?
a. 1902
b. 1908
c. 1906
d. 1905

6. ‘Kuchipudi’ dance is associated with which Indian States ?
a. Kerala
b. Assam
c. Tamil Nadu
d. Andhra Pradesh

7. The famous Sun Temple is located at ?
a. Odisha
b. West Bengal
c. Andhra Pradesh
d. Tamil Nadu

8. IPL stands for ?
a. Indian Police League
b. Indian Polo League
c. Indian Premier League
d. non of the above

9. Indian Cricket Player Mahendra Singh Dhoni played IPL for which team ?
a. Rajasthan Royals
b. Kolkata Knight Riders
c. Pune Warriors
d. Chennai Super Kings

10. Which of the following Indian Cricket holds the highest Runs Score in a International Test Innings ?
a. Sachin Tendulkar
b. Virendra Sehwag
c. V.V.S. Laxman
d. Virat Kohili

11. Haqlal is elder than Hara but younger than Dhol Govinda . Hara is elder than Chotka but younger than Dhol Govinda. The eldest of them is – ?
a. Dhol Govinda
b. Haqlal
c. Hara
d. Chotka

12. Who is the Chair person of Indian planning Commission ?
a. Indian President
b. Prime Minister
c. Opposition Leader
d. None of the above

13. Which of the following Country is not a permanent member of U.N. Security Council ?
a. Russia
b. America
c. Japan
d. France

14. Census is done in India Generally after every ?
a. 5 Years
b. 10 Years
c. 6 Years
d. 7 Years

15. The biggest Living Mammal is ?
a. Camel
b. Elephant
c.  Blue Whale
d. None of the above

16. The pH of Pure Water is ?
a. 6
b. 8
c. 9
d. 7

17. The Official Residents of United States of America (USA) called as ?
a. Buckingham Palace
b. President House
c. White House
d. Pentagon

18. The famous ‘Durand Cup’ is related to which Sports ?
a.  Football
b. Hockey
c. Kabaddi
d. Boxing

19. ‘Swaraj is my birth right’ – who told ?
a. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
b. Subash Chandra Bose
c. Lala Lajpath Roy
d. Mahatma Gandhi

20. Which of the following is a kharif crop ?
a. Bean
b. Rice
c. Wheat
d. Mustard

21. Diabetes is caused due to lack of which following >
a. Vitamin D
b. Insulin
c. Calcium
d. None of these

22. Which disease is caused in Human Body due to lack of Vitamin C ?
a. Scurvy
b. Rickets
c. Night Blindness

23. Kanishka belonged to which dynasty ?
a. Mauryas
b. Guptas
c. Kushans
d. None of the above

24. The members of Rajyasabha hold office for ?
a. 4 Years
b. 5 Years
c. 6 Years
d. Life time

25. Which is the largest continent ?
a. Asia
b. Europe
c. Africa
d. South America

26. The famous ‘Kumbha Mela’ is not held in which of the following City ?
a. Allahabad
b. Nasik
c. Bhopal
d. Haridwar

27. Largest Track of Indian Railway is which gauge ?
a. Metro Gauge
b. Narrow Gauge
c. Broad Gauge
d. Standard Gauge

28. Sardar Sarovar Dam is build over which Indian River ?
a. Tapti
b. Mahanadi
c. Narmada
c. Brahmaputra

29. The Kaziranga National Park is famous for its >
a. Asiatic Lion
b. Royal Bengal Tiger
c. One Horned rhinoceros
d. Elephant

30. The Railway Track in Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is ?
a. Broad Gauge
b. Narrow Gauge
c. Meter Gauge
d. None of the above

31. The Zonal Head Quarter of North East Frontier Railway is ?
a. Silliguri
b. Malda
c. Shillong
d. Guwahati

32. Who is the BJP’s  Prime Minister candidate for 2014 General Election in India ?
a. L.K. Advani
b. Narendra Modi
c. Arun Jetley
d. Sushma Swaraj

33. The point up to which new railway track laid, at any time is called ?
a. Terminal
b. Station
c. Rail-head
d. base

34. C.T.C Stands for ?
a. Critical Track Control
b. Critical Traffic Control
c. Centralized Traffic Control
d. None of these

35. Rail Accidents can be avoided by adopting ?
a. Interlocking
b. C.T.C System
c. Pilot Guard System
d. A.T.C System

36. The Brahmaputra River flows through the state ?
a. Uttar Pradesh
b. West Bengal
c. Assam
d. All of the above 

37. Where is the Diesel Locomotive Works situated ?
a. Varanasi
b. Luckn
c. Perambur
d. Kanpur

38. In Which state Bokaro Steel Plant is situated ?
a. Odisha
b. Bihar
c. Karnataka
d. Maharashtra

39. Which of the following city is situated on the Bank of River ‘Saryu’ ?
a. Patna
b. Ayodhya
c. Allahabad
d. Varanasi

40. Which of the following place is not associated with India’s space programme ?
a. Bangalore
b. Arvi
c. Sriharikota
d. Trombay

Railway Group D Jobs Exam Model Questions Part-III

to be continued ——

Answer Key :-
1. b      2. b  3. b  4. a 5. d 6. d 7. a 8. c 9. d  10. b  11. a  12. b 13. c  14. b  15. c  16. d  17. c  18. a
19. a  20. b  21. b  22. a  23. c  24. c 25. a  26. b 27. c  28. c 29. c  30. b 31. d 32. b  33. c  34. c 35. a 36. c  37. a  38. b  39. b  40. d


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