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Railway Group D Jobs Examination Model/Sample Question Papers Part-III

Competitive Written Examination Online Practice Set-3
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Railway Recruitment Cell (RRC) and Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) conduct Preliminary and common main written competitive examination to recruits thousands Railway personnel in Group D (Grade Pay Rs.1800), NTPC Graduate & Under graduate (Assistant Station Master, Commercial Clerk, Trains Clerks, Ticket Collector, loco pilot, etc). Basically railway written examination consists general knowledge & Awareness, Current affairs, mathematical ability test, numerical & word calculation test, technical questions base on specific job related types questions. Railway Jobs seekers through the India always searching on internet about previous years examination solved model/sample question papers, answer key, online mock test, syllabus details, admit card link, result publication, cut-off marks etc.
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Model/Sample Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Set III

 1. Who discovered Sea Route from Europe to India ?
a. Columbus
b. Vasko-de-gama
c. East India Company
d. None of the above

2. Which of the following pair is not correctly matched ?
a. India – Delhi
b. Japan – Tokyo
c. Bhutan – Thimpu
d. Bangladesh – Lahore

 3. In Computer language ‘CPU’ means – ?
a. Computerised  Power Unit
b. Central Processing Unit
c. Central Power Unit
d. None of the above

4. Ramakrishna Mission was founded by ?
a. Ramakrishna Paramhansa
b. Swami Vivekananda
c. Raja Rammohan Roy
d. Dayanand Saraswati

5. First Sikh Guru is ?
a. Guru Arjun Dev
b. Guru Govind Singh
c. Guru Nanak Dev
d. None of the Above

6. Which of the following city is not situated besides The Ganga ?
a. Haridwar
b. Beldanga
c. Dhanbad
d. Patna

7. Find out the odd one –
a. Red
b. Yellow
c. Green
d. Colour

8. ‘Gadar Party’ was founded by ?
a. Lala Lajpath Roy
b. Lala Har Dayal
c. Jagat Pal Singh
d. Netaji Subash Chandra Bose

9. Decibel is used in measurements of ?
a. Intensity of Sound
b. Density of Air
c. Sugar in Blood
d. None of the above

10. Which of the following Sultan shift Capital from ‘Delhi to Daulatabad ?
a. Firoz Tughlaq
b. Mohammad Tughlaq
c. Allauddin Khalji
d. none of the above

11. Who formed Indian National Army (INA) to fought against the British ?
a. Mahatma Gandhi
b. Netaji Subash Chandra Bose
c. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
d. Bhagat Singh

12. The first Railway line was established in 1853 from Bombay to —–?
a. Goa
b. Nasik
c. Nagpur
d. Thane

13. Who started the Saka era ?
a. Samudra Gupta
b. Kaniska
c. Alexander
d. Samrat Ashoka

14.  the purity of Gold ornaments measure by ‘Carats’. Pure Gold is ?
a. 22 Carat
b. 20 carat
c. 24 carat
d. 23 carat

15. Which Indian Cricketers was given the title ‘Tiger’ ?
a. B.S. Bedi
b. Kapil Dev
c. Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi
d. Sunil Gavaskar

16. The term ‘double fault’ is associated with which sport ?
a. Cricket
b. Football
c. Baseball
d. Tennis

17. How many players are there in a Kabaddi team ?
a. 11
b. 09
c. 07
d. 10

18. If you scored a ‘cannon’ , which game would you be playing ?
a. Billiards
b. Baseball
c. Golf
d. Archery

19. ‘Subroto Cup’ is associated with which game ?
a. Hockey
b. Kabaddi
c. Wrestling
d. Football

20. Which of the following books is written by Rabindra Nath Tagore
a. Anand Math
b. Durgesh Nandini
c. Rakta Karabi
d. none of the above

21. “India of our Dreams” written by ?
a. Dr. Rajendra Prasad
b. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
c. Dr. C. Subramaniam
d. M.V. Kamath

22. Hindi Serial ‘Ramayan’ was produced by ?
a. Ramanand Sagar
b. B. R. Chopra
c. Sawant Kumar
d. Mahesh Bhatt

23. Where is ‘Chitrakut’ situated ?
a. Rajasthan
b. Uttar Pradesh
c. Gujarat
d. Madhya Pradesh

24. Badrinath is situated on the bank of river ?
a. Ganga
b. Yamuna
c. Alkananda
d. Saraswati

25. Who was the first Indian to go into Space ?
a. Satish Dawan
b. Ravi Malhotra
c. Yuri Gagarin
d. Rakesh Sharma

26. Indian National Congress held its first session at ?
a. Locknow
b. Lahore
c. Bombay
d. Calcutta

27.  Match the following ———-
A. Indian National Army   –     1. Lala Hardayal
B. Ghadar Party                –      2. Subash Chandra Bose
C. Mitra Mela                  –       3. V.D. Savarkar
D. Home Rule League     –        4.  Annie Besant

a. 1234
b. 3412
c. 4213
d. 2134

28. Match the following –
A. Robert Clive              –      1.  Removal of Press Restriction
B. William Bentick        –       2.  Partition of Bengal
C. Charles Metcalfe     –        3. Dual Government in Bengal
D. Lord  Curzon            –        4. English Education 

a. 2 4 3 1
b. 3 4 1 2
c. 3 2 1 4
d. 4 1 3 2

29. Mahatma Gandhi gave the call to reject foreign goods during the ?
a. Civil Disobedience Movement
b. Khilafat Movement
c. Non Cooperation Movement
d. Swadeshi Movement

30. Who was the Congress President when India became free ?
a. Jawaharlal Nehru
b. Mahatma Gandhi
c. J. B. Kripalani
d. Sardar Patel

31. Two trains 200 metre long, each travelling in opposite directions with equal speed cross each other in 10 seconds . Find the sp
eed of the trains ?

a. 18 km/hr.
b. 100 km/hr.
c. 72 km/hr
d. 36 km/hr

32. Vinay starts walking straight towards East. After walking 75 metres he turns to the left and walks 25 metres straight. Again he turns to the left and walks a distance of 40 metres straight . Again he turns to the left and walks a distance of 25 metres. How far is he from the starting point ?
a. 140 metres
b. 50 metres
c. 35 metres
d. 115 metres

33. A girl goes to school from her village at 3 kmph and returns back at 2 kmph. If she takes 5 hours in all, the distance between the village and the school is ?
a. 6   km
b. 7 km
c. 8  km
d. 10  km

Railway Group D Examination Latest Sample Questions 

34.  Profit earned by selling an article for Rs.1060 is 20% more than the loss incurred by selling the article for Rs.950 . At what price should the article sold to earn 20% profit ?
a. Rs. 980
b. Rs. 1080
c. Rs. 1800
d. None of the above

35. Three partners A, B, C invest Rs. 36,000 , Rs. 45, 000 and Rs. 54, 000 respectively in a business. Out of total profit of Rs. 37, 500. C’s Share is  ?
a. Rs. 12, 500
b. Rs. 15,000
c. Rs. 10,000
d. Rs. 15, 500

36.  How much should a person lend at simple rate of interest of 15% in order to have Rs. 784 at the end of One and half Years (18 months) ?
a. Rs. 640
b. Rs. 620
c. Rs. 610
d. Rs. 680

Number & Word Series :-
37.     6 , 3, 12 , 6,  24,  —?
a. 48
b. 12
c. 6
d. 36 

38.     1 , 4 , 09,  16,  ?
a. 19
b. 25
c. 18
d. 23

39.  AD , EH , IL , ?
a. OM
b. MN
c. MP
d. LM

40.  If LINGER is 123456  and FORCE is 56789 then FIERCE is  ?
a. 456678
b. 345667
c. 345677
d. 556789

Railway Jobs Model/Sample Question Paper All Sets

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Answer Key:-

1. b  2. d  3. b  4. b  5. c 6. c 7. d  8. b  9. a  10. b  11. b  12. d  13 b  14. c  15. c  16. d  17. c  18. a  19. d  20. c  21. d  22. a  23. b  24.  25. d  26. d  27. d  28. b  29. d  30. c  31.  d  32. c  33. a  34. a  35. b  36. a  37. b   38. b  39. c  40. a


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