How to Remove Whatsapp Read Blue Ticks to Save Privacy ?

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Are you a regular Whatsapp User ? Are you feeling irritation on some Whatsapp Features like Read Blue Ticks ? As you know that if a sender send you a Whatsapp Massage and if you read or view that massage a double line blue ticks automatically generate on your profile. By this way sender may easily confirm that you read his/her massages. Some times its really good for information sharing but this features has really some back side and it hit your Pricacy .

How to Remove Blue Ticks from Whatsapp read massage option

Whatsapp’s read receipt is an exceptionally fascinating element. It enables you to empower or impair blue ticks that affirm if your message has been perused or not. While a few people discover this component extremely valuable, there are few who believe that blue ticks are very meddling and jab into one’s close to home space.

There are times when you simply need to be in your own space. Sitting perfect, doing nothing and recklessly looking through your talk window when a message from your companion drops in and request an earnest answer. You realize that once this that once the discussion begins and it will keep going for quite a long time demolishing your personal time.

There are times when you don’t need others to realize that you’ve perused their messages. So what do you do at that point? Turning off your telephone is constantly one alternative yet consider the possibility that you are foreseeing a call for somebody for sure on the off chance that you are amidst some film playing on telephone.

Here is a basic hack that you can take after to personal yourself a bit of personal time. Read procedure below

  • When the message comes, go to the warning board of your telephone and switch on the flight mode.
  • Presently go to WhatsApp <link> and read your message.
  • Close the visit application. Ensure that you have shut the application out of sight moreover.
  • Presently switch on the flight mode. The sender won’t perceive any blue tick regardless of whether you’ve empowered you read receipts.

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