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Maulana Atif Qadri Issued Fatwa Against National Crush Priya Prakash Varrier



Priya Prakash Varrier

Valentine’s heart of Millions South Indian Super rock Viral National Crush Priya Prakash Varrier received Fatwa from a Muslim Maulana Atif Qadir (West Bengal). Hope You think what is her guilty ? 

Actually , Maulana Atif Qadir is always famous for his Fatwa. Earler he issued fatwa against bollywood singer Sonu Nigam. This time he issued fatwa against Priya Prakash  because of her recent National Crush heart touching video clip.

Priya Varrier latest Viral Video :

Due to such Valentine’s Video of Priya Prakash ; Maulana Atif Qadir issued Fatwa Against her. Maulana said that “after the viral video of Priya Prakash ,whenever we or our fellow Muslim brothers closed our eyes to offer Namaz , instead of Allah ,her face would appear , which is hurting our sentiments , hence we issued a fatwa against her” ( Image credit @TimesHow Twitter account)

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