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WBGDRB Group D Recruitment Answer Key & Cut Off Marks

wbgdrb-group-d-answer-keyWB Group D Answer Key

West Bengal Group D Recruitment Board, Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms , Government of west bengal conducted Group D Recruitment written examination on 20th May 2017 from 2:30 P.M onward. Almost 25 lacks candidates appeared on the said examination .

WB Group D Answer Key

West Bengal Group D recruitment 2017 questions-answers ,WBGDRB Group D Answer Key , Cut Off marks , Results etc.

1.  The H.C.F of .9,.09 and .009 is
A  .009B  .9C.  .09D.   9
2. Which is the greatest fraction among 2/219 , 3/343, ,4/437, 6/687 ?
3. Who wrote “Barnoparichay ?
Raja Rammohan RoyIshwar Chandra VidyasagarAcharya Jagadish Ch. BoseRabindranath Tagore
4. In which year ‘Brahmo Samaj’ was established ?
1830 A.D1828 A.D1800 A.D1784 A.D
5. The ratio of male and female members of a club is 5:6 .The ratio will be reversed if 22 female members leave the club. The number of male member is
6. Difference between G.M.T and IST is
2 hours 30 mints5 hours 30 minutes6 hours 30 minutes4 hours 30 minutes
7. In a regular polygon the ratio of an interior and an exterior angle is 7:2 . The number of sides will be
8. If 30% of A is added to 40% of B, the answer is 80% of B. what percentage of A is B ?
9. The sum of the ages of Mallika and uttam is 40 years . Five years ago, the ratio of their ages was 7:8 . The present age of Mallika is
10. Mirage is an example of
Reflection of lightRefraction of lightTotal internal reflection of lightScattering of light
11. The first newspaper published in India was
The HinduThe Amrita Bazar patrikaThe Bengal GazetteThe Samachar Darpan
12. Eutrophication is one kind of
Air PollutionWater PollutionSoil PollutionSound Pollution
13. Which of the following is a semiconductor ?
14. Which one is known as the brain of a cell ?
NucleusMitochondriaCytoplasmNone of aboves
15. HCF of 3 numbers is 6 and l.C.M is 630. If two numbers be 18 and 42 , then 3rd number will be
16. If the measure of each interior angle of a regular polygon is 150 (degree) ,then the number of its diagonals will be
17. The rock composed of Quartz, Feldsper, Mica and Hornblend is
18. The main natural vegetation of the Steppe type climate region is
Evergreen forestDeciduous ForestLarge GrasslandConiferous Forest
19.. Tasmania is separated from Australia by
Cook StraitBass ChannelBering StraitLuzon Strait
20. Who wrote the novel “Aranyak” ?
Sarat Chandra ChhattopadhyayBankim Chandra ChhattopadhayBibhutibhusan BandhopadhayayTarasankar Bandhopadhyay

WB Group-D Answer Key 2017 will be available on official website . Direct link given below.

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