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Religious Vandalism in Bangladesh | Secularism under Scanner

bangladeshis-secularismNow Searching Amar Sonar Bangla !

Religious Vandalism break out in Bangladesh on the name of ‘Islam‘ . Actually , at least 15 temples and many houses of innocent Hindus were vandalized in Chittagong City on Sunday during a Protest rally against an alleged Facebook post demeaning the Masjid Al Haram in Mecca. According to local news agency of Bangladesh ,thousands of people, including activists of ‘Hefajat-e-Islam‘ and ‘Ahle Sunnat‘ ,brought separate rallies in Nasirnagar under Brahmanbaria district demanding punishment for the man who posted a demeaning of the most holy Mosque of Islam.

Attack on Minority Reflects Non-Sense Thinking of Majority

Actually, there has no problem in democratic rallies . But, when a Rally organized by some extremists to attack some people (whether they are Hindus or Muslims) on the name of “Protection of religion” ; that is a planned brutal crime. Bangladesh (Tagore’s Sonar Bangla) ,a predominantly Muslim Country, again fully failed to protect Minority Hindus from such organized brutal extremist religious crime . Actually, on Sunday around 2 P.M , a Islamic Rally vandalized almost 15 Religious Hindu temples and more than 100 houses looted¬† in Brahmanbarhia district and two temples were plundered in Madhalpur in the neighboring Habiganj district. The extremist Anti-Social Muslim mob attacks and vandalized 7 to 8 idols (Murtis) inside five temples in the said area. (check above image shot -a screen shot captured from Dr. Imran’s Facebook post)

ANI Report regarding Bangladesh’s Communal Tension :

On the basis of source report, Bangladesh administration already deployed Rapid Action Battalion and Border Guard Bangladesh to bring back peace situation as usual. But, the fact is , minority Hindu community till under fear and the facing crisis of existence .

No Reaction Still Count from So Call Secularists

Attach on religion faith (whether against Hinduism or Islam or any other) always a crime . We have no right to hate other religions and their religious activities . We the entire Jobrule team, deeply criticized them who attack other religions by their arrogant speech on social media or by a religious rally to vandalized temples & houses of minorities (which recently occurred in our neighboring country Bangladesh).

Now come to the point as headed above “no Reaction still count …” . India, is well known for it’s democratic & Secularists activities . We seen a deep media coverage & Secular politics when Md. Aklaf (a old man from Uttar Pradesh) was killed by some arrogant Hindu activists on the name of Beaf. Many Indians (so called Intellectuals and secularists) returned their awards to support their voices against extreme Hinduism . We,also seen , ‘a large Minority Vote-Bank Politics” by most National & State Political Parties on the issue of ‘Md. Aklaf” . Even Bihar Assembly Election 2016 , became a practical room of such Vote Bank Politics.

But, the question now arise, Is the recent Religion Vandalism in Bangladesh is alright ? We searching such Media groups, such Political parties & their leaders, Such Intellectuals from various grounds and waiting for their reaction on “Bangladesh Issue”. When they speak up their voice to protect innocent minority Hindus in Bangladesh ? Come and ask a question to your inner-self, are you really a Secular ????? Refresh Your mind and speak clearly . Please Comment below.

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